Water Well Drilling is the process of drilling a borehole in the ground to allow for extraction of potable water from an underlying aquifer. The geology in your area may support developing a water source from a relatively shallow gravel type of aquifer or your water source may be derived from a deeper bedrock well. You can trust in our extensive experience to employ the most effective drilling methodology in construction of your water well.


In a typical water well the upper portion of earth, referred to as overburden, is lined with steel casing to prevent collapse of the borehole and prevent intrusion of non-potable surface water. The lower portion is typically un-cased and extends into the bedrock below.


At Eastern States Well Drillers we use Air Hammer and Casing Advance drilling systems capable of constructing water wells in any geology. A typical well takes from 1 to 3 days to construct and once complete we can install a submersible pump to deliver water to your house.


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Well Drilling