Hydro-flushing is a well development process where high pressure water is injected into a bedrock formation to flush and remove fine particles and rock fragments from existing bedrock fractures and/or increase the size and extent of existing fractures. The desired result is an increased flow of water in the fractures that supply water to the well. The procedure can be used to increase well yields of new or existing wells with low production rates and restore flow rates in wells that have shown decreased yield over time.


The procedure involves setting an inflatable packer below the well casing, inflating the packer to seal the well and pumping in water at up to 3000 psi. The desired end result can be seen in the image below.


Only clean potable water is used in the process. There are no chemicals or other additives included in the process.

Success rates are very high with this procedure. Please contact us to determine if Hydro-flushing is right for your situation.