At Eastern States Well Drillers we have the capability to professionally install and/or repair your water system. Our technicians are nationally certified and can provide individualized service to meet your needs.


Your water delivery system is made up of many components. The key components are the water pump, pressure tank and controls. The water pump is typically located in your well and delivers water to a pressure tank before distribution to the rest of your home. Conventional systems are normally controlled with a pressure switch and operate with a pressure differential of 20 psi. We also offer constant pressure solutions that virtually eliminate this pressure differential.


When designing a new water delivery system, we will present a solution that best meets your needs and the characteristics of your well. We only use premium equipment and take no short cuts during installation. We want you to have a system that will provide many years of trouble free operation.


When your water system needs repair, you can count on our technicians to diagnose and repair the problem. Murphy’s Law says that problems will arise at the worst possible time, rest assured that we stock a wide variety of pumps and related equipment to keep your “down time” to an absolute minimum. 


You can be confident in the equipment we provide because we use only Gould pumps and pressure tanks manufactured by Flexcon and WellMate.


Please contact us to discuss your water system needs.



Well Pumps and Water Systems